Self Esteem Tips
• Positive Self Talk-Tell yourself nice things and build yourself up/don’t tear yourself down.  When you feel down, give
yourself a compliment and praise your effort.

• Self Affirmations- When you wake up, smile in the mirror and tell yourself 3 good things.  This helps you get a great
start to your day by believing in yourself. Once YOU feel good about yourself, nothing else can make you feel insecure.

• Make positive comments about your body instead of bashing your "huge" hips every morning, start admiring your
attractive features (IE: plump lips, dazzling eyes).  Praise yourself for eating healthy and living a healthy lifestyle.

• Wear clothes that you feel good in instead of what you think other people will like. This defines your own style and
adds confidence.

• Don’t compare yourself to the images you see in magazines or athletes on TV.  Be proud of the genuine person you
are.  You are unique and there isn’t another you!

• Never "settle" for a partner that wants you to change something about your body.  The only changes you should
make to your body should be on your terms and to make YOU feel better about yourself, and you should only use
healthy approaches to do such. Don't EVER hurt your body to change your appearance, As much as you think it will
help 'slim' you down, it won't.

• Fake it until you make it- Act like a confident person, not arrogant, but proud of the skills you have and the person
you are.  People will think you are confident by how you act.

• Look for the positive events in each day instead of getting discouraged focus on what has gone “right” that day.   
Make a list and read it every night.

• Stop comparing your insides to someone else's outsides. If someone has something that you wish you had, instead of
being jealous, add it to your wish list and say, "That's for me!"  You become a magnet and attract more great things
into your life when you take charge of your destiny instead of playing the victim role/poor me.

• Your choices either lead you toward your goals or away from them. Your choices are based on beliefs and your
beliefs are simply thoughts played over and over again in your head that you have accepted as truth. By becoming
aware and mindful of your thoughts you can be, do, or have anything you want in life.

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